Meet Bob

The first time I met Bob Sirott we were in the Fox Chicago television newsroom. He had just been hired as my co-anchor for a daily 2-hour morning TV show named Fox Thing in the Morning. We did not…


Mango Jam

I’ve been eating mangos my entire life. They’ve always been around. We had five trees in our backyard and I was either climbing them or eating the fruit that fell from the branches. I especially loved it when tropical…


Nena’s Sugar Coma Elixir

My inspiration for Cafe Caramelo came from a secret drink my grandmother used to make for my brothers and me. It was a secret because she gave it to us when my parents were away and the coast was…


My First Cup of Cafe

I know it sounds completely insane, but I don’t recall ever NOT drinking coffee! From the moment I learned how to drink from a cup rather than a bottle my mother, like many other Cuban mothers, started off my…


One of my Mom’s favorite recipes

Her name is Mariana De Castro Larrazabal, but everyone knows her as Manana, the nickname her brother gave her. She’s a legend among family and friends, a riot, the life of the party and the youngest soul in the…