TropiCuba Authentic Cuban Cuisine Restaurant

Cuban food is popping up in more places now than ever before. We found a cozy spot on a quiet street corner on Chicago’s North Side that serves up the authentic tastes of the island. They include all the…


The 2016 Restaurant Show

We attended the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago in search of new Latin American flavors.  As you’ll see, everyone was only too happy to give us a taste. We had fun and we left full!…


Pincho Factory

What do you get when you put burgers and kebabs together? See for yourself. We found a place in Miami that not only has a unique take on both, but they’re also big on using high quality ingredients. As…


Cheesecake con Mango (Part 2)

Check out our conversation with Maureen Schulman who has been part of the famous Eli’s Cheesecake story since 1980. That’s when she joined her father-in-law Eli Schulman and husband, Marc, in launching Eli’s Cheesecake in its public debut at…


Cheesecake con Mango (Part 1)

Watch as we make my favorite topping for a world famous cheesecake at Eli’s Chicago bakery. I call it Cheesecake con Mango! You can make the cheesecake from scratch (check our recipes) and top it off with the mango…


Simple Cuban Nachos

Nachos have to be one of the greatest gifts to quick cuisine – an appetizer or a full-on family feast. They are a staple of Mexican restaurants, movie theaters and sports stadiums, though the quality differs widely: from mouth-watering…