Who or What is “Suso?”

Suso was Marianne’s pet monkey and the inspiration for this website because of his exuberant appetite for adventure and his healthy diet. Many of the foods he ate might have been found naturally in a jungle. He enjoyed lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, most of which are the ingredients in Marianne’s healthy green shakes.

Who are you?

My husband, Bob Sirott, are TV and radio personalities who met and married while anchoring a popular morning TV newscast in Chicago. During our two decades of broadcasting together, we’ve talked and written about a wide range of topics, but our passion has always been food and travel. Over the years, we’ve interviewed chefs and restaurateurs from across the country. Together we have three children and live in a Chicago suburb.

What made you start a website dedicated to food?

It was a natural extension of what we were already doing on the air. No matter what show we were hosting, we always received the most feedback from our viewers and listeners when the topics were food, restaurants or Marianne’s recipes. Suso’s Fork seemed to be a great way to stay in touch with our fans and give them more of what they wanted.

What is Suso’s Fork all about?

Suso’s Fork is a journey through food that we take as two people from completely different backgrounds. It’s a reflection of both of our tastes and our upbringing. I was born in Havana, Cuba and grew up in Miami, Florida, eating traditional Cuban foods and just about anything with garlic on it! Bob, the son of two Russians, was born and raised in Chicago and survived on a diet of hot dogs, pizza and deli food. That’s our starting point and where the fun begins! The website will explore restaurants and chefs from all over as well as recipes, many of which have been “Latinized.” Some have been made healthier just the way Suso would have wanted it.

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